Sienna Miller can't bear to ever throw her clothes away. The 'Edge of Love' actress admits that even though she is sent boxes of free new designer outfits every day, she can't bring herself to give away her old clothes. Sienna said: "I can't get rid of anything. That is my problem."The 25-year-old star revealed the basement of her London home is packed full with brand new boots and shoes. Sienna, who also has numerous huge shopping bags from Chloe, Missoni and Chanel sitting unopened in her living room, claims her huge collection of clothes and accessories is beginning to overwhelm her. Sienna said: "My house is heaving with clothes. It gets too much sometimes."Earlier this year, Sienna - who launched clothing line Twenty8Twelve with her older sister Savannah - revealed she isn't comfortable being seen as a fashion icon. She said: "My hobo look wasn't even a very original look. I think I had just got back from travelling or something. It was a strange social experiment to be responsible for being a style icon. It made me self-conscious."