Star Robert Goulet, who shot to overnight international fame by playing Lancelot in the original 1960 Broadway production of "Camelot" with Julie Andrews and Richard Burton, died on Tuesday at age 73. The performer, who suffered from a rare form of the lung disease pulmonary fibrosis, died at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where he was awaiting a decision on whether he could receive a lung transplant. I met Goulet many times. The first time was at Steves Pier One restaurant in Bayville Long Island. He was a friend of owner Steve Karathanos. Everytime he would perform at Westbury Music Fair, he would make it a point to visit Steve. He always had lobster. He loved the lobster at the restaurant. He would sing for his meal. Yes Sing. I remember one time Steve got a huge 6 pound lobster and handed it to Goulet. He sang a Broadway tune that he belted out across the 500 seat restaurant. The crowd went wild and gave Goulet a standing ovation. This is one star that really did sing for his dinner !