Pamela Anderson has denied rumors her marriage is in trouble, insisting she doesn't wear a ring for moral reasons.The former 'Baywatch' babe, who married old friend Rick Salomon in Las Vegas last month, won't wear any bling jewellery on her ring finger for ethical reasons.Pamela - who married Rick in the hour break between her Las Vegas shows where she is performing as magician Hans Klok's assistant - said: "Haven't they ever seen 'Blood Diamond?' All I need is Rick around my finger."'Blood Diamond', starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was a movie which highlighted the global problem of diamond trafficking. Pamela celebrated Thanksgiving early last week, by hosting a turkey-free Thanksgiving dinner.The 40-year-old star said: "The meatless meal was provided by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Garden Protein International, a Canadian company that markets 'veggie turkey roast' and other meat substitutes."