Singer Kylie Minogue lives in fear of her breast cancer returning. The '2 Hearts' singer, who began performing again late last year after battling the disease, revealed she is terrified she has relapsed every time she feels unwell or even has a headache. Kylie, who was forced to tell fans on her 'Showgirl Homecoming' tour she was too ill to carry on after contracting a respiratory-tract infection earlier this year, said: "I was fresh out of treatment when we started that tour. I was terrified and really doubting whether I had made the right decision to go on the road in the first place. I relaxed as time wore on, but that was scary, that moment. And there have been moments since then."Your body, your muscles have a memory of the way it was when you were sick, and there are definitely times when I float back to that place. I had migraines a few weeks ago, and I just went, 'Yeesh - no, please.' "The 39-year-old star - who went through a gruelling chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with the cancer in May 2005 - also revealed she plans to move to the country in a bid to "reclaim herself".She added to Britain's Style magazine: "I do have this need to reclaim myself a little bit, to do things to make me feel whole, which is why I'm doing all these things such as horseback riding and taking walks in the country and looking for a place outside London to chill."Kylie rubbished reports she has rekindled her romance with actor Olivier Martinez, but added he was "amazingly supportive" during her illness. She said: "No, no, we've definitely split up. But I can't tell people enough how amazing and supportive and instrumental he was in getting me through that period and back on stage. And I did love his dog, Sheba. Oh, Sheba, she was the love of my life."


Mo said…
I can't imagine what it's like to be diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm sorry for your struggle. I understand fear.

Kylie, know that you have overcome the first obstacle. Gather your strength and go forward knowing you're a survivor rather than living in fear. Easier said than done, I know but please make the attempt.

Looking for a place to chill sounds healthy and healing. Good luck and I hope you find a place of solace and recovery.
Anonymous said…
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