Cate Blanchett believes films are responsible for a generation of illiterate children.The 38-year-old actress - who plays Queen Elizabeth I in new movie 'Elizabeth': The Golden Age' - is concerned young people will take movies as fact, when they are really just interpretations of history.Cate said: "It's terrifying that we are growing up with this very illiterate bunch of children, who are somehow being taught that film is fact, when in fact it's invention. Hopefully though an historical film will inspire people to go and read about the history. But in the end it is a work of history and selection."Cate also insisted she was not daunted by the prospect of portraying the Virgin Queen when so many esteemed actresses including Judie Dench, Helen Mirren, Anne Marie Duff and Bette Davis, have already played her. She told BANG Showbiz: "No, I didn't find it daunting, it's actually very comforting to know your sitting in a long legacy of actresses who have played the role."I'm absolutely all for absorbing all of those influences so you understand the pedigree of the part as much as you understand the figure in history."