Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are taking their four children to visit Brad's mother for Thanksgiving.The trip is reportedly Angelina's way of making peace with Jane, after she criticised Brad's mother for maintaining her close relationship with Brad's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. A source close to the couple told America's OK! magazine: "They're trying to get the kids together with Brad's family. If there is any tension between Brad's mother and Angelina, they'll set it aside for the holidays. Angelina knows how important it is for Brad to get quality time with his folks".Brad also wants his children - six-year-old Maddox, three-year-old Pax, two-year-old Zahara and 18-month old Shiloh - to experience life in the small town of Springfield, Missouri.The source added: "Brad thinks it's just as important to have the kids be exposed to the values he saw growing up in Missouri as it is for them to travel around the world. It helps keep him grounded, and he wants the same for his kids."Relations between Jane and Angelina allegedly worsened recently when Jane read an interview in which the actress revealed her past experiences with drugs, including heroin, ecstasy and cocaine.A source told America's Star magazine: "Jane was livid after she saw Angelina's drug quotes - and she really let Angie have it when they were on the phone together shortly afterwards. Jane told Angie there was nothing to gain from rehashing her drug use, and that she has a lot more to think about than herself - she should have considered her children and family first!"Brad agreed that Angie's latest admission was uncalled for - but he also told his mom that maybe she was being a little too hard on her. Brad reminded his mother how far Angie has come from her wild days, and that this blow-up was only going to set their relationship back again."


Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving Brad, Angie and all your beautiful children. I just want to say-YOU ALL deserve your privacy and the chance to live a normal life like anyone else. I admire so much the Integrity you have both had when it comes to your family and protecting them from all the awful people out there. Good luck to you. I know it's a rumor, but to see another Jolie-Pitt baby soon. You are both exceptional parents and I as a Mother appreciate that so much. I will say, if I ever had the chance to see you all in person, I wouldn't attack you but kindly tell you how lovely it is to see you and move on. Best of all life has to offer and more.
Anonymous said…
why don't you ALL go to cambodia for thanksgiving....and stay there forever.........but leave brads mom here for Jenn to continue their relationship.....??????