Mike Myers has a special assistant to shield him from the sun and another to carry his water. The 'Austin Powers' star - who is in Canada shooting 'The Love Guru' - has reportedly stunned cast and crew with his diva-like demands. A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Mike has two male assistants who follow him everywhere he goes, one carries a parasol to shade his pale skin from the sun and the other carries a fresh bottle of chilled water with a straw so Mike can take sips easily."And Mike gets easily distracted by the sun hitting any reflective surfaces, so he makes people run around the set with black tape to cover each one." When they are filming outside, the sun is constantly shifting, but as quick as a flash people are dashing around with black tape and covering every surface."Mike and his co-star Jessica Alba are also said to be struggling with their routines for the movie's big Bollywood dance scene.The source added: "He is a terrible dancer, and he had so much trouble getting the moves down that he changed the Bollywood scene until it was actually flamenco dance moves - but the set is still Indian!"Jessica is so bad that every shot cuts the feet out of the screen so no one can compare her missteps to the backup dancers! She's actually very nice and quiet, just so bad at dancing."


Anonymous said…
Mike Myers has been taking dancing lesson since he was very young. You have the "struggling with their dance moves" all wrong.