Lesbian television star Ellen DeGeneres is reportedly in trouble after giving away the dog she adopted from an animal rescue agency. The 49-year-old star and her partner, actress Portia de Rossi, adopted a Brussels Griffon mix named Iggy on September 20th last year. DeGeneres later gave the dog to her favorite hairdresser because it didn't get along too good with her cats. However, when the Mutts and Moms agency discovered that the dog was no longer in her care, Iggy was reportedly removed from her hairdresser's home. DeGeneres later made a desparate plea to the agency on her television show, saying that her hairdresser's daughters, who are aged 11 and 12, had become very attached to the dog. The talk show host said: "I guess I signed a piece of paper that says if I can't keep Iggy, it goes back to the rescue organisation, which is not someone's home, which is not a family." "I thought I did a good thing. I tried to find a loving home for the dog because I couldn't keep it." "Because I did it wrong, those people went and took that dog out of their home, and took it away from those kids," she said. "I feel totally responsible for it and I'm so sorry. I'm begging them to give that dog back to that family.""It's not their fault. It's my fault. I shouldn't have given the dog away. Just please give the dog back to those little girls."


Suzanne said…
I saw Ellen's show, and heard the story.

Ellen adopted a puppy, and said it "didn't fit in with her and her girlfriend's situation or with the girlfriend's cats", and Ellen gave the dog to her hair dresser. The dog was just a puppy, and would have improved with maturity.

I consider that Ellen behaved in an irresponsible and uncaring manner toward the puppy by getting rid of it, which breached her contract with the shelter.

When you adopt from a shelter you sign an agreement which states that you will not pass the pet on to someone else, and you will honor your obligation with the shelter by telling them if there are problems, and they are very consciencious about re-homing the pet. You cannot just do what you wish with the dog because it didn't fit in with your expectations. This is for the protection of the dog or cat. Rescue agencies are very scrupulous about doing the paperwork on potential homes, and they do follow ups to insure the safety and good care of the animals.

Now, thanks to Ellen's behavior and her account on national TV of the dogs being returned to the shelter, the woman running the shelter is receiving threatening phone calls in which people threaten her and her shelter, threatening bodily harm and arson. Well, thank you Ellen, for bringing this havoc on a shelter that provides sanctuary for abused animals and that insures that such abuse or abandonment doesn't happen again to these helpless and deserving little creatures.

Personally, I admire this shelter for the fact that they were AWARE of what happened in the case of the dog. If not for that anything could happen to an animal who was adopted in their shelter, and it validates their love and protection of each animal they take in and that they place. Now, thanks for the unscrupulous way in which Ellen passed a puppy on because she couldn't remain loyal to it or live up to her commitment and give the little fellow time to mature, the shelter is suffering the consequences.

I salute this shelter for protecting those helpless creatures for whom they have taken responsibility, and they carry the burden to protect, house, feed and care for many!
Anonymous said…
God bless you Ellen...

you tried to do something good, we love ya Girlfriend.

Don't worry bout the negativeS...

We r behind you a million %

T in JAX
Anonymous said…
I am shocked at how people have behaved toward a respectable animal rescue group who provide a shelter for abandoned or abused animals. I work in rescue, and their rules are the SAME rules that apply to all shelters. That is for the protection of the animals. If the hair dresser wanted to adopt the dog she should have applied for approval, and they could have had the dog according to the rules of the organization.

Let's face it. Ellen was not a good home for the puppy. If she had been she would have loved and had patience with the dog. She should have called the shelter per her signed agreement when the dog didn't work out. That was the civilized thing to do. Then the other family would have been in line for approval to adopt the dog.

Instead Ellen overstepped the boundaries by just doing what she wanted to do. Perhaps she didn't want the shelter to know she was just passing the dog on. But, she violated her agreement, and I can tell you that was a very outrageous thing for her to do. Many dogs suffer abuse and abandonment when they are passed on to homes that are not approved, and THAT is why RULES MUST be honored!

In addition, Ellen goes on national TV whinning and hollering about the repercussions that SHE HERSELF CAUSED! She undermines all the work that rescuers do by insulting and casting aspersions on the hard working and caring people who work daylight to dark, under terrible circumstances, in rescuing helpless animals. So Ellen stirred the public up against this rescue shelter and people are calling threatening the manager's life and saying they will burn the shelter down. That was criminal of Ellen, causing that because of her petulent anger that the shelter DID THEIR JOB.

Then, Ellen comes back on the air today, continuing to stir this up and trying to force the shelter to change their rules and to let her have her way in giving the family the dog that they could have had if the rules had been observed.

I have no respect for Ellen for the grief and the trouble she has caused. I consider that she is totally responsble if the people who work in that shelter, or the animals housed there, come to harm.

Maybe Ellen should get out there and do some honest rescue of animals and support the efforts of people who are out there in the arena every day. She has no idea.
She doesn't deserve a pet. In her spoiled and irresponsible tantrum she has caused untold damage to thousands of animals due to people turning on the shelters because of one woman's ridiculous self serving demands. She violated her agreement. She has caused a lot of harm. She doesn't care. She wants her way. Because of her behavior, her actions, and what she caused by her falsely playing the victim, she has caused enormous setbacks for people who rescue.

Also, that contract was not flawed. It is the standard contract. Who would have thought someone would behave in such an irresponsible and outrageous fashion in not honoring what she signed.
Anonymous said…
Why did you feel you had to start the comment off with Lesbian ? The story is about her experience with the dog, not about being a lesbian. Just didn't make sense to me.
Anonymous said…
I never saw the part that said Lesbian. I doubt if anybody did since this was a story about a puppy who was adopted and passed on in disregard for the agreement with the shelter. This situation has caused a lot of trouble for rescue shelters that already have a hard enough time. This woman was wrong to pass a puppy on. She has caused a lot of problems for shelters nationally. She should make a sizable donation to that shelter. They probably need guards 24-7 after the threats they received thanks to Ellen's self-serving and irresponsible comments.
Anonymous said…
At what point does a pet become yours? Was Ellen obligated forever? If so, she has only "borrowed" or rented herself a dog.

Have you never given a pet to someone else? I have; as a child, I gave away many kittens to homes I believed were good homes. As an adult, I have accepted many dogs and cats from people who found they were no longer able or interested in caring for an animal. The point is, again, when does an animal become yours ? It is not like she dumped the pet or gave it to someone to be abused. She made a responsible decision. A kind decision.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous, you miss the point. Shelters work hard to protect animals. They have rules. Ellen thought she was above the rules, or she is just not a person who takes her obligations seriously.

You sign contracts and you honor what you agreed to.

We don't consider adopting a pet borrowing or renting it. It is then a member of our family.

The hair dresser should have filled out the form and followed the rules, and her children would still have the puppy. An animal becomes yours when you adopted it and it remains with you. The bottom line on all this is that Ellen violated her agreement and passed the dog on without doing the right thing. As a result she has caused problems for all shelters by her outrageous spectacle on national TV. She is much to be condemned for her irresponsible behavior which brought death threats and arson threats on hard working people who rescue abused and abandoned animals.

There is NO EXCUSE for what Ellen did. NONE. It was neither responsible, kind nor acceptable.
It really makes you wonder if she should have any pet at all. I would think not, myself. The damage she did to shelters and to the welfare of animals and persons who work hard in rescue is outrageous. Think about it.
Anonymous said…
So true. Ellen's selfish and irresponsible behavior has caused problems for all shelters who work for helping the helpless. Still Ellen harps on mandating a return of the puppy she rejected that she illegally passed on to others. She has disgusted the masses. Oh, sure, a few people support her behavior, but people who count, and who support rescue leagues, despise someone who has caused problems and incited people to make threats to murder or to burn shelters.

Ellen has disgusted me. What right does she think she has to cause major problems because of her petty and misplaced complaint due to her OWN irresponsibility?
She should be the one getting the calls, not the shelter who did their job.
Anonymous said…
I am convinced that people have lost all sense of proprieties when I hear the insane and unfounded statements against a legitimate and hard working animal rescue organization, and supporting a ridiculous woman who violated her agreement in adopting a puppy. When the agency called for an update on the puppy, Ellen's roommate said the puppy was gone because it didn't fit in with their home and lifestyle.

People in rescue work hard, they have their hearts broken many times by people who abandon or abuse adopted animals, and they work hard to insure that this doesn't happen. Ellen could have called the agency as she agreed to. The hair dresser could have applied to adopt the puppy, and all would have been well. Decent and honorable behavior would have prevented this problem.

I am shocked at the ridiculous comments blaming the people who spend their lives rescuing helpless animals instead of realizing that Ellen refused to honor her signed obligation, and if she and the hair dresser had been ethical and had respected the rules Iggy could easily have been approved for the hair dresser if her home was suitable.

I deeply respect the agencies and the people who run them, people who experience the pain and heartache of seeing what is done to animals by people like Michael Vick, and many others. PLEASE give these rescue people the respect they deserve.

Blaming the agency for what Ellen did is very unfair and is actually ignorant. Ellen stooped to an all time low in falsely stirring up the public to cause threats against the workers and the animals at the rescue agency. This was a despicable tactic on the part of Ellen. I wish people could realize that.
Anonymous said…
Rescue is often a thankless job. Everyone should work at a shelter for a week, to get some small inkling of the work, sacrifice, heartbreak and horror that those, who are actually in the arena in rescue, experience every DAY.

If someone signs an agreement they are obligated to honor it. Nobody is above following established guidelines that protect the animals that have been rescued from often brutal circumstances.

Look what Ellen's irresponsible behavior has caused for a dedicated organization that is operated through love, dedication, sacrifice and with meager funds. Death threats and threatened arson? UNFOUNDED CRITICISMS AND HATEFUL REMARKS? Threats to a shelter's safety and the safety of the animals kept there?

This shelter cannot make exceptions just because someone has a TV show. The animals have to come first. Personally, I have little respect for people who can't stay the course with an animal they adopt. I have taken in many rescued animals, many of whom have had serious problems and personality flaws due to the torture they experienced at the hands of barbarians. They have lived happy lives with me, and I would never abandon them.

Ellen adopted a puppy. It didn't fit in. She passed it on. She broke the rules and violated her agreement. She whined and complained on national TV, resulting in serious problems for an organization that did nothing wrong and courageously did their job.

My respect goes to those who rescue daily and who suffer the grief and agony of viewing what is perpetrated on helpless animals.

Ellen caused all these problems through her own behavior. Nobody else should have suffered, and especially not people who put their lives on the line in rescue.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
I never saw the part that said Lesbian. I doubt if anybody did since this was a story about a puppy who was adopted and passed on in disregard for the agreement with the shelter. This situation has caused a lot of trouble for rescue shelters that already have a hard enough time. This woman was wrong to pass a puppy on. She has caused a lot of problems for shelters nationally. She should make a sizable donation to that shelter. They probably need guards 24-7 after the threats they received thanks to Ellen's self-serving and irresponsible comments.

9:15 PM

What? I just read that article on Ellen and the puppy, and the very first word was 'lesbian' how could anyone miss it? I personally find it unnecessary to mention someone's sexual preference like that, but then, that's just my opinion.
Anonymous said…
I don't think lesbian was meant as an insult, since Ellen makes reference to it all the time, and talks about her girl friend. I mean, that doesn't sound like she would mind the word lesbian.

That isn't really the point, is it, since the point is that she violated an agreement and caused serious problems that have set all shelters back and put them on hard times, with maniacs threatening to burn them out and kill them. This was absolutely criminal behavior, causing this grief for rescuers and helpless animals.
Anonymous said…
Now it is exposed that Ellen has a history of adopting and then getting rid of the dogs. How disgusting. All this trouble she caused for shelters when she is the one who is a trouble maker.