Radiohead fans crashed the band's website trying to download their new album 'In Rainbows' the other day. The album has been available for a pre-order download since October 1, but the website just couldn't cope with the number of fans desperate to get their hands on the band's first album since 2003. In a bold move that has sent the music industry into a panic, Radiohead are allowing their fans to choose how much they want to pay for it. Radiohead enthusiast's can pay anything from £100 (U.S. $200.) to absolutely nothing for the download version. Many fans are opting to pay 0p, with some even accusing the band of being "pretentious" for choosing to sell their album in such a unique way. Internet forum user Tombigbee bragged: "I paid absolutely zero for the album, but I might get the discbox when it comes out."Gumshoe added: "I paid nothing either, but I think I will get the discbox because the album is excellent."Another fan, Tommy Gavin76, disapproves of the band's decision, saying: "I'm sure if everyone paid nothing they would be a tad upset. It's just a gimmick anyway, why can't Radiohead just make albums without having to be so pretentious all the time?"Meanwhile, other musicians are unsure how to take the news of Radiohead's album sales. James Blunt said: "I definitely think there is value in music. I don't think Radiohead should devalue it. I've got to pay a band and a producer and a mixer. I don't know how I'd necessarily pay them if I sold my albums for 1p. I'd have to work it out, but maybe they know how this works in practice."As well as the download version, 'In Rainbows' is available for pre-order in a £40 (U.S. $80.) "disc box", shipping on December 3, which contains both CD and vinyl versions of the album, as well as an enhanced CD featuring another eight new tracks.