Owen Wilson's recovery suffered a setback after he allegedly went on a massive drinking binge.The 'You, Me and Dupree' star - who was hospitalised after a suicide attempt in August - was spotted drinking heavily at Santa Monica's Viceroy hotel on October 5. Hotel guest Jamie Brandt told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "Owen arrived with a friend about 10pm and requested the private library room."He looked like he'd already been drinking. He was stumbling when he came in and literally falling down when he left."Owen's representative denies the 38-year-old actor was drunk, but another witness said: "They had bottle service and were drinking vodka. Owen got so drunk, he stumbled when he went to leave. He could hardly walk."The 'Night at the Museum' star was admitted to hospital in August after slashing his wrists. He was reported to be suffering from severe depression and binging on drugs and alcohol, claims which were strongly denied. A source said: "Owen's breakdown was treated as a mental health problem as opposed to a substance-abuse issue. So Owen's goal wasn't to sober up, it was to feel better about himself."


Mo said…
Addiction is such a bitch! Good luck, Owen. The failure isn't in the falling down; the failure is in the staying down and not getting back up.
Anonymous said…
owen owen...stop the madness.