Lance Bass 'Out Of Sync'

Lance Bass and beautiful Peggy Millard

Once again Chip Duckett hosted a great party in New York City's top club AZZA on East 55th street for N-Sync star Lance Bass and his new book 'Out Of Sync'. I must say the party was a huge smash. Public Relations guru Claire O'Connor and AZZA owner Peggy Millard along with her husband Terry, really know how to treat people good. And the girls from the Public Relations powerhouse company Ken Sunshine, were gems. I must say, Lance was great. This guy is always smiling. I couldn't resist telling him that years ago I had a crush on him. His reply was, "Why don't you still ?". I was laughing so hard, I almost dropped my beer. I started reading my autographed copy of his book today, and I found it very hard to put it down. It is well written and there are many great stories that give you a inside look at what it is like to be a teen idol. Lance has lived such a great life and I am amazed that he still is such a nice guy. I urge everyone to go and buy this book !
Terry and Peggy Millard

Lance Bass with the V2 Vodka girls
Photos By: James Edstrom


Mo said…
I don't care for much else, but I'll take the vodka please...

Glad you're out, Lance, if only for your well being.
Anonymous said…
en avant guingan!!! ..6