Kirsten Dunst hates doing "boring" action films.The 'Spider-Man 3' actress, who played Mary Jane Watson in one of the most successful adventure franchises of all time, finds shooting action scenes "boring" and complicated. She said: "Action movies really entail sitting in a trailer all day and not doing anything. You get there at six in the morning, you get all dressed up, put your make-up on and it seeps into your pores all day long and it's really boring." I always have a lot of action in these films, and I don't like it. Everything that you see in the great action clips take weeks and months, each moment takes a day. It involves screaming, cars, heights, and it's very technical and complicated."The 25-year-old actress, who recently had her first directorial experience shooting short film 'Welcome' found it strange being on the other side of the camera. Kirsten said: "You think you have control over everything, but you really don't. You really have to have a strong presence and be the leader, but there are always things that come up that are so unexpected, so you really have to roll with the punches."Kirsten directed 'Welcome', a modern day ghost story starring Winona Ryder, for America's Glamour magazine's 'Reel Moments'.