Kate Hudson's son is shocked when he sees her on TV.The 'Almost Famous' actress says three-year-old Ryder gets very excited when he sees her on TV but is unaware she is a big Hollywood star. She told People magazine: "Every once in a while, he will go, 'Oh my God,mommy, you're on TV, you're on TV!'"I don't think he has any understanding of it. I think he's aware that it's mommy's job."Kate - who is estranged from Ryder's father, Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson - says her son has taken a keen interest in acting. She revealed: "I watch my son when he goes on set, and he watches what we do. You can't help but be interested in what everybody is doing."The 28-year-old actress, who was brought up on film sets by actress mother Goldie Hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell, says she didn't feel any different from her friends. She said: "People ask me about my parents and growing up. I don't ever remember a defining moment where I understood what my parents did. It was their job, like anybody."When asked about her love life, Kate - who was reported to have split from new boyfriend Dax Shepard earlier this month - said she thought Dax is a"great guy", but refused to answer any more questions about him.