John Lennon has visited his son Julian Lennon from beyond the grave.Julian was left shocked by the haunting moment which occurred more than 25 years after the Beatles legend's death while he was shooting a new film in Australia recently.Julian, who agreed to take part in an ancient ceremony with an Aboriginal tribe, was left speechless when he was handed a white feather by a tribe elder, a symbol of great significance to him.A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: It may sound strange but that was a very weird and emotional moment for Julian. He was left speechless. Not long before he died, John had told him, 'If anything ever happens to me, look for a white feather and you will know I am there for you, always looking out for you.' "Julian, 44, was in Australia to produce the film 'Whaledreamers' to raise awareness about the plight of whales and the Earth's oceans.He isn't the only person to have been visited by John since his death.Fellow Beatle Sir Paul McCartney believes John appeared to the band in the form of a white peacock during the recording of the 1995 Beatles single 'Free as a Bird'.As Paul, Ringo Starr and the now deceased George Harrison posed for a photograph outside the recording studio, the bird wandered into the shot.Paul said: "That was John. Spooky, eh? It was like John was hanging around."We felt that all through the recording. We put one of those spoof backwards recordings on the end of the single for a laugh, to give all those Beatles nuts something to do."Then we were listening to the finished single in the studio one night, and it gets to the end, and it goes, 'zzzwrk nggggwaaahhh jooohn lennnnnon qwwwrk.' I swear to God. We were like, 'It's John. He likes it!"Oasis singer Liam Gallagher also claims he was left in awe when John's spirit visited him in the middle of the night.The rocker - a self-confessed Beatles fanatic - said: "I was in Manchester at a friend's house having a sleep. I remember getting up and feeling really weird. I turned round and there I was, lying on the bed, and I sort of fell back into my body. There was a presence there and it was him, John Lennon."John was shot dead aged 40 in 1980 by deranged fan Mark Chapman as he entered the Dakota building in New York.