Jessica Simpson took raunchy pictures of a sex show, it has been reported.The 27-year-old star was so impressed by the simulated love-making in a silhouette show at New York nightclub The Box last Wednesday she insisted on taking her own photographs. A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Jessica was fascinated by what was happening on stage behind the curtain and got her camera out to take some snaps. She was really enjoying the show."Jessica is said to have attracted the attentions of singer Sheryl Crow's ex-husband Lance Armstrong. Onlookers claim the former cycling champion couldn't keep his eyes off her as she watched the on stage antics. Jessica also partied at The Box the evening before, and it was reported the 'Dukes of Hazard' actress left the vaudeville-style club without paying her bill on both occasions. Her friends claim it was all a misunderstanding. An insider said: "She didn't skip out on the bill. Her pal signed for the tab - which was one bottle of Grey Goose vodka, but mistakenly took the slip with the signature. We called the club and fixed everything."On Friday, Jessica attended a Beverly Hills event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of charity Operation Smile.The singer, who looked stunning in classic black heels and a sexy blue dress, showed her support for the charity, which provides medical services to children in poverty all over the world.