Sexy Jamie King

Jamie King is to star alongside Scarlett Johansson in a movie about a masked vigilante who comes back from the dead to fight crime. Jamie will be reunited with 'Sin City' director Frank Miller for the action-adventure 'The Spirit', based on the late Will Eisner's 40s comic series.Jamie, 28, will portray the phantom siren Lorelei, and 'Spanglish' actress Paz Vega will star as the knife-wielding assassin Plaster of Paris.The star-studded cast already boasts Scarlett and Eva Mendes as femme fatales Silken Floss and Sand Saref, and Samuel L. Jackson as the movie's villain The Octopus.Gabriel Macht will play the eponymous hero Denny Colt, a rookie cop from the beyond - also known as 'The Spirit'- who battles evil forces in Central City.The movie is scheduled to start shooting in New Mexico today with a release date penned for January 16, 2008. Meanwhile, Jamie has reprised her role as Goldie in 'Sin City 2'. The film, based on Frank Miller's graphic novels, sees Clive Owen's character Dwight McCarthy wreak vengeance on the women who betrayed him in the first movie.


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To learn more about Will Eisner's life and "The Spirit," consider reading the authorized biography, "Will Eisner: A Spirited Life" (M Press), or visit the related web site.