Jamie Foxx will celebrate his 40th birthday with a wild party where "everything is 40". The 'Dreamgirls' star - who hits the landmark age on December 13 - has vowed to party all over the world with his rapper friend Ludacris in a 40-themed extravaganza. Foxx told US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres the other day: "I'm just going to go nuts. I'm going to drink 40 ounces. Everything is 40."Ludacris turned 30 last month and we are going to party all over the globe. We're coming door to door. We're going to get a bus. I'm coming to you."He also revealed he planned to wear "an electric blue suit with no shirt", sport a mohawk hairstyle and salsa dance on his special day.The Grammy-nominated singer also revealed he longs to perform a duet with Hollywood beauty Halle Berry. He said: "I would love to do a duet with Halle Berry. She doesn't sing, but let's have her stand there and we'll make something up."Foxx recently admitted he had been dating the Oscar-winning actress for eight-years "in his head", and was delighted his star had been placed next to hers on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last month. He said: "I was worried it would be next to Lassie, but I ended up next to Halle Berry and Charlize Theron - a sexy sandwich!"