Jake Gyllenhaal says watching his sister being stripped and spanked was disturbing.The 26-year-old actor struggled to sit through his elder sibling Maggie's erotically-charged scenes in her film 'Secretary', in which she played a woman seduced by her sadomasochistic boss.When asked if it was weird to watch the sexually explicit film, he said: "Well, it wasn't necessarily erotic for me."The 'Brokeback Mountain' star also revealed his sister had to go to extreme lengths to be considered sexy when she first started acting.He added: "It's funny, when she was first going for auditions everyone was telling her she wasn't sexy, not sexual. I remember her buying a skimpy cut-off dress for one audition and it just wasn't her. Now she is treated as a sex object. Strange."Jake also let slip that Maggie is going grey.The actor - who had to grow facial hair for his next project 'Brothers' - said: "Since I grew a beard I have noticed a grey spot. My sister had a grey spot on her head, maybe it's something genetic."


Anonymous said…
...but does it have to ALWAYS be sexual? Well, I s'pose as long as the men are directing the flicks... how boring.