Halle Berry is already preparing to become a working mother.The Oscar-winning actress, who is four months pregnant with her first child, is determined to keep working after she gives birth. Halle told the New York Daily News newspaper: "I'm sure I'm going to have to manage being a working mom a year from now."I'm starting to investigate buying things for the baby and do my homework and research. There are really fabulous things. "There's this Orbit baby stroller-slash-car seat that's pretty inventive and I think is really gorgeous."The 40-year-old star - who stars alongside Benicio Del Toro in new movie 'Things We Lost in the Fire' - has already revealed she and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry will start trying for another child as soon as the first is born.She said: "I think I have to, based on my age, I think we'd have to really try again."We always talked about having two children. Whether or not we'll actually make that happen is left to be seen, but that would be our intent. That's for sure."