“PAPARAZZI PHOTOGRAPHY AS AN ART FORM “ Presentation Scheduled SoHo Apple Store PAPARAZZI AS AN ART FORM! Paparazzi photography as fine art? It’s not as far-fetched a concept as some might think. “Thirty Years of Paparazzi,” a seminar featuring iconic black & white and color paparazzi photography from celebrity photographers and Buzz Foto principals Brad Elterman (right) and Henry Flores, will pose that very question at the Apple Store in SoHo on October 16, 2007 at 6:30pm. At the Apple Store, Elterman and Flores will display and discuss the work they have produced from 1975 to today, and how the in-demand paparazzi photo subjects have changed from the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton to today’s Paris, Lindsay and Britney. Elterman and Flores will also discuss why ‘70s photographs have become collectables, and why today’s Buzz Foto images will someday become iconic “objects d’art” possibly appearing at MoMa next to the works of Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans and Helen Levitt. They will also speak about how paparazzi photographs are now editorially accepted at almost all national magazines including People and Us Weekly, and why the days of red carpet and other staged “photo-op” events are on the way out. The Apple Store - 103 Prince St. New York NY 10012