Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton used to be a shoplifting thug.The legendary British guitarist admits he spent much of his youth stealing from shops and wildly "demolishing" train carriages.He recalls: "My friends and I would go shoplifting in Cobham or Woking. We'd get on a train from Guildford, choose an empty compartment and demolish it."We would smash mirrors, tear down the maps, cut the luggage nets with our penknives, slash the upholstery to ribbons, then get up hooting with laughter."The 62-year-old musician reveals his former wild streak in his new book, 'Clapton: The Autobiography'. In the tell-all tome, Clapton also chronicles his struggles with heroin and alcohol addiction and admits he stole model Pattie Boyd away from her then husband George Harrison in the 70s because he was jealous of the late Beatles legend. Clapton writes: "I coveted Pattie because she belonged to a powerful man who seemed to have everything I wanted - amazing cars, an incredible career and a beautiful wife."Clapton finally married Boyd in 1979, two years after her divorce from Harrison. Their marriage ended in 1988.


Anonymous said…
I loved the interview with eric clapton. It was refreshing to see someone be honest and up front about themselves ..he is so talented . I had the priveledge of seeing him in concert a few years ago and it was absolutely awesome. Love you Eric.