Dannii Minogue is so desperate to have children she is considering adoption.The 36-year-old Australian star - who is a judge on British TV talent show 'The X Factor' - is currently single, but is so determined to experience motherhood she is considering every option available to her. She said: "I want a child more than anything right now, but I have to be pragmatic about the whole situation in terms of my career. I would love to be a mom myself because I've got a lot of love to give so I will definitely look into adoption."Although Dannii is prepared to adopt on her own she is still looking for her 'Mr. Right' to settle down with. The singer - who was previously married to 'Nip/Tuck' actor Julian McMahon -told New magazine: "I do really need a man and I mean a real man. Being a gay icon, you have the best times at the best parties, but you just know that all the good-looking men are gay!"