Daniel Radcliffe wants his ashes to be fired from a cannon.The 'Harry Potter' star plans to go out in style when he dies after being inspired by a TV show.The 18-year-old actor, who plays a World War I soldier in his new TV movie 'My Boy Jack', told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I'd like my ashes to be fired out of a cannon with 'Let him RIP' on the urn. I saw it on TV once -brilliant!"Daniel also revealed he has a crush on sexy actress Scarlett Johansson.He said: "I'm slightly in love with Scarlett Johansson, she's stunning brilliant and incredibly sexy."Daniel recently vowed to go wild on his 21st birthday.The star - who spent his 18th birthday watching an England cricket match with friends - is planning a night to remember when he reaches the landmark age.He said: "I'm certain my 21st will be a more raucous affair than my 18th. I hope so anyway, why not?"