Angelina Jolie's female co-star Bai Ling claims there was an irresistible"sexual energy" between them. Bai, who worked with Angelina on 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' and documentary 'A Place in Time', insists there was an instant attraction between them. She told Us Weekly magazine: "We shared a special attraction. I felt this energy between us, when we look at each other there is an energy, an attraction. Her eyes transfer a sexual energy to me that makes her irresistible."Bai claims Angelina told her they would play lovers if they ever worked together again.She said: "We could have hooked up, but it just wasn't the right time or place. But she told me, 'My heart's open to you.'"She is like me. She is totally open sexually."Bai says she would love to join Angelina and her current partner Brad Pitt for a ménage a trois. She joked: "I've always thought Brad Pitt was the sexiest man on the planet.So now that Brad and Angelina are together, now maybe I could experience both at the same time!"


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