Paul McCartney will have fun funeral

Sir Paul McCartney wants people to laugh at his funeral.The Beatles legend is keen for his friends and family to celebrate his life rather than mourn him when he dies.McCartney said: "At my funeral, I want jokes to be told and old funny stories rolled out. I want my family and friends to have a laugh. I want them to celebrate my life rather get depressed about my death."The 65-year-old musician also revealed he finds playing the guitar therapeutic.The 'Hey Jude' singer - who is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce with Heather Mills - says he is able to forget his troubles whenever he picks up the instrument.He said: "I play the guitar for my own enjoyment. It's therapy, anyone who plays the guitar knows that. You just sit there playing and you're taken to another world."


Anonymous said…
Sir Paul McCartney wants people to laugh at his funeral.. why wait till he dies? I am laughing at him now! :-)
James Edstrom said…
Way to go !