Paris Hilton wants to adopt four blond-haired girls.The hotel heiress, whose close friend Nicole Richie recently announced her pregnancy, reportedly wants to travel the world to find disadvantaged children she can give a home to.A source told Britain's Closer magazine: "Paris has been saying, 'You don't need a husband to have babies.' There are babies in orphanages around the world, and she's hoping to find four girls with blonde hair and pretty eyes to whom to give the Hilton name."The 26-year-old blonde, who has made no secret of her desire to become a mother, wants her future children to follow in her footsteps and become famous.The source added: "She's been telling people, 'I want a brood of little mini versions of me.' I'll raise them to be the most famous women in the world."Paris also wants her daughters to become models and is planning to launch her own line of children's clothing.The source said: "She'll design a line of baby clothes. She sees her kids modelling from a young age."
NOTE: Whatever happened to her charity for woman in prison ?


Anonymous said… pig you...anyone that would let you adopt a child needs their head examined...