Natalie Imbruglia hasn't got time to have children.The pop beauty - who is married to singer Daniel Johns - is too busy concentrating on her career at the moment and isn't ready to completely devote herself to a family.She said: "I'm too busy to focus on that. I love children but it doesn't fit my lifestyle right now."Natalie is content with having a niece for now - even though she doesn't see her that often.She said: "I cried when my sister had a baby a few weeks ago. Just seeing pictures of this little girl in the family and knowing I'd never get to hold her while she was that fresh out of the oven."The former 'Neighbours' star also admitted she made an "idiot" out of herself when she met PJ Harvey, by asking her out for a drink.She said: "I don't get star-struck very often. PJ Harvey made me go a bit stupid in the lobby of a hotel in Los Angeles - I made a bit of an idiot of myself. I stupidly said, 'my husband really likes you' and put him in it instead of me. He was angry with me for saying that. I even said, 'Would you like to go for a drink?' and gave her my room number!"