Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Jodie Foster wants her children to become movie directors.The 'Panic Room' actress insists it is her "fantasy" for sons Kit, six, and Charles, nine, to grow up to be great filmmakers. She said: "When I talk to my sons about movies I tell them about the camera,about editing, or the scene where they did the visual effects, and explain how they do it. I want them to love films because I love films."If they wanted to become an actor, I'd help them. But, as their mother, my fantasy would be that they'd be on the other side of the camera."Foster has never stepped behind the camera herself, but was executive producer on her latest film 'The Brave One', in which she also stars.The 44-year-old actress plays a talk show host who is savagely mugged and witnesses her fiancé's fatal beating leading her to go on a revenge-fuelled gun rampage.However, Foster is unsure whether she would seek bloody vengeance if put in the same horrific situation as her character.She said in an interview with The Independent newspaper: "I think we all have ideas that there are some lines we wouldn't cross and people we could never become in a certain circumstance."But until you've walked in her shoes, you just can't know."'The Brave One' opens in cinemas later this month.


  1. I love Jodie Foster. I think she's a talent. I'm glad to hear she shares her passion with her sons. I also trust that she's not forcing it upon them. The Jodie I think I know wouldn't do that.

    It's her fantasy that her children grow to direct. I'm glad. I hope she reminds herself that it's HER fantasy.

    Godspeed Jodie and sons!

    INQUEST FOR DANIEL WAYNE SMITH pleae. He won't get to direct anything.

  2. say what8:04 AM

    I also love Jodie,what a doll..shes the epitomy of what a star should never see her children being flaunted and exposed...her life is it should be....thanks for being you jodie....teach your children well......i agree mo..inquest for daniel wayne smith...he also wanted to be a movie director..because he wanted to see his baby sister he is now 6 ft under in a foreign country away from his entire family and friends...breaks my heart...

  3. ledmatrix9:11 PM

    The article states that Ms. Foster never stepped behind the camera. She has in fact directed TWO movies. Little Man Tate and Home for the Holidays.

  4. True enough, ledmatrix!

    James, you're slipping my boy! But then again, this is simply a web site and you did put your disclaimers out, so I can forgive.

  5. Oh, and thanks for the site James. It's still a great place!

    We're all human and bound to make mistakes.

    You're great James, and many of us appreciate that you let us visit and say all that we do. There haven't been many deletions, as far as I can tell. Actually at this point, I don't mind. It's nice to have a clean house. :)

    Thank you James!

    OCTOBER 30, 2007

  6. say what6:11 PM

    you're right ledmatrix..when i read it i thought hmmm...good catch....i love jody foster..shes got class..

  7. say what12:29 AM

    i saw jodi's new movie tonight..the brave one..very good...of course all of her movies are good...

  8. uuuhhooohh!!!9:45 AM

    Jodie is a classy Lady...Brit should ask for advice...


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