Green Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen is dying her hair green to save the planet.The 38-year-old supermodel, who is working with Toni and Guy on a new range of hair products Model Me, hopes by "going green" people will take notice of her eco-friendly lifestyle. Helena is quoted as saying: "When I was 29 I dyed my hair green and I loved it. I've got to shoot a cosmetics campaign next week but after that I would like to try doing it again. It could even be an environmental thing. I can see the headlines now, they would all say 'Helena's Gone Green'."The Danish model is currently the face of a campaign urging people to "do a good turn" by washing clothes in colder water to help save the environment. Helena said: "Sometimes the environmental issues we face today seem overwhelming, but we can all do our bit and turning our washing machines to 30 degrees is just one small way we can all help make a difference."Meanwhile, Helena thinks she looks better now than when she was 18 - but admits she may one day mourn the loss of her "innocent" beauty.The stunning brunette, who starred in Chris Isaak's steamy 'Wicked Game' music video, said: "As you get older, there is an experience and depth behind the eyes and I prefer that. I look at pictures of myself when I was younger and I have perfect hair, make-up and clothing - and I prefer myself now."But maybe in 10 years time I'll look at those photos, wide-eyed and innocent, and cry. I'll put 'Wicked Game' on repeat and sit sobbing with the curtains drawn."