Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is jealous of her husband's close relationship with their baby son.Although the 'Hollaback Girl' singer is pleased partner Gavin Rossdale is a hands-on father to 15-month-old Kingston, she confesses she sometimes feels a little left out.Gwen said: "Kingston is super into his dad right now and I'm a little, well,'What about me?'"I am really happy for Gavin, but there's a part of me that is a bit jealous. Kingston still doesn't sleep through the night, so his dad usually takes him for an hour or two in the morning so that I can sleep. And as soon as Gavin goes to brush his teeth Kingston starts crying - it's hilarious."But the 37-year-old blonde admits it is Gavin and Kingston's close relationship has enabled her to go back to work.She said: "I think it's very hard for women to get the balance right. It's difficult and I struggle with it, but just when I think my plate is a little too full, Gavin comes to the rescue and the next thing you know, it all works out."Gwen admits she is loving every minute of motherhood and even enjoys the smell of Kingston's stinky nappies! She added: "There are so many smells that come with a baby and I enjoy the mall - even the stinky ones - because he is just so delicious."