Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen has taken a swipe at Victoria Beckham for living in the media spotlight.The Brazilian supermodel, who is dating American football quarterback Tom Brady, insists she and Brady are nothing like the Spice Girl and her soccer star husband David because they separate their private life from their careers.When asked if she and Brady are the US 'Posh and Becks', Gisele said: "Nooo! That is crazy! I don't know who said that. My job is my job and my private life is my private life. They have nothing to do with each other."Gisele says she'd go "crazy" if she lived her life in the media glare.She said: "My job is public, and it's important to have something for yourself. If you don't, you go crazy."Gisele - who once dated Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio - recently admitted she is an "opinionated" person.The 26-year-old beauty, who infuriated her staunchly Catholic homeland after she voiced her support for safe sex last year, said: "When I think things I tend to say them. I'm an opinionated person. There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases, and I'm not going to say, 'You shouldn't use contraception.'"I think it is important. I use it! I'm aware of my responsibility, but really I am like everyone else, and my opinions are just mine. There's no reason why I'm more right than anyone else."


Anonymous said…
Good for her.... She and Leonardo kept their personal life private and she and Tom Brady are doing the same! A division between personal and private life!