George Clooney wants to be remembered

George Clooney is scared of being remembered as an average actor.The 46-year-old star is paranoid his body of work will be disregarded as insignificant when he has finished making movies. He said: "I'm always afraid of being 80 and thinking, 'What was your legacy of films?'"You want to try to do some decent films along the way."Clooney won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in 2005's 'Syriana', and has received critical acclaim for his varied choice of roles.The Hollywood star has played a charming criminal in 'Ocean's Eleven', while he portrayed a psychologist dealing with the apparent resurrection of his dead wife in mysterious sci-fi film 'Solaris'.Meanwhile, Clooney premiered his new girlfriend at the Deauville and Venice Film Festivals.The actor was joined on the red carpet at both events by 28-year-old cocktail waitress Sarah Larson, who he met when she was working at Las Vegas' Moon nightclub in June.The couple have reportedly been inseparable since Larson flew to France to join Clooney, 46, for the Deauville Film Festival on September 1.


Anonymous said…
But he is an average actor. He should be doing a little jig that he's able to be in the films he's in and make the money he makes, even though he is mediocre in his field, instead of worrying about it. He'll never be GREAT because he's not GREAT.

Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman - great, great, GREAT.

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, - mediocre aging pretty boys. - not GREAT.