Victoria Beckham is giving Tom Cruise English lessons.The American actor loves the slang his British Spice Girl friend uses, and has asked her to teach him all the phrases and words she knows. A source said: "Tom thinks her words and phrases are brilliant."Whenever he's round at Victoria and David's home and she says something really English he goes crazy for it and starts mimicking her."He loves the British language because some of the sayings are so quirky.Victoria says things like, 'bloody hell' and 'blimey', and tells her sons to' come on chaps'. Tom loves hearing it all and is building up an Anglo-English vocabulary. It could come in useful for his film career."Tom is not the only actor obsessed with the 33-year-old singer's native tongue.Will Smith has also been impersonating Victoria, also known as Posh Spice, and copying her phrases.The source added: "Victoria is amused by Tom's enthusiasm for her everyday chatter. But she's getting used to it because her other friend Will Smith also likes copying her English accent and turn of phrase. She's getting it quite a lot."Tom and his wife Katie Holmes have become close friends with Victoria and her husband David - who plays for US soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy - in recent months.The Hollywood couple, along with Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, even threw Victoria and David a 'Welcome to America' party after they moved to the same Los Angeles neighbourhood.