Vanessa Minnillo says her lover Nick Lachey is a lazy cook.The TV presenter, who moved to New York with the singer in April, always dreamed of dating a skilled chef and is feeling frustrated with Nick's refusal to help out in the kitchen. Vanessa joked: "I always wanted to date a guy who would cook for me. Nick doesn't cook - I cook. We both eat - but he cleans up!" Although Vanessa, 26, remains unimpressed with Nick's culinary talents, the beautiful brunette insists he is a great boyfriend. She said: "He is so supportive. He is always there to support me."Vanessa, who has launched a new make-up range with her make-up artist Elisa Tallerico, also revealed she has been wearing "rouge" and "heels" since she was a child.The former Miss Teen USA told People magazine: "I was about 12 when I started wearing makeup. I had a cousin who put eyeliner on the insides of her lids, so I did it too."When I was a kid, I went into my mom's room and put on rouge. I'd put on her high heels and walk around the house."This range is my baby. It's surreal, I picked out every color of the eye shadows, I mixed and picked the colors for the lip glosses."