Ron Jeremy with Mancow and James Edstrom

We had a nice surprise the other day while in the studio of the hit nationwide radio show Mancows Morning Madhouse (Check your local listings) in Chicago. Legend and porn star Ron Jeremy stopped by the studio to everyones surprise and discussed his nationwide tour, Tammy Faye Baker and Aids. This guy is really right on target on so many things and it was fun to find out that we had so many celebrity friends in common. Though he cut into my air time, I think it was a relief as The Mancow Show is so fast moving and so early in the morning it took some of the pressure off me as I was so tired from all my photo shoots with the New Steve Wilkos Show at NBC. Besides it was worth the visit to see Mancows new multi million dollar radio studio and all my friends from the show. Mancow took us all to lunch and picked up the check. Now that should be a Page Six Item !