Ace Reporter OTTO in Times Square

Well Times Square Gossip turned one year old yesterday. It's been a lot of work considering up to today we have done almost 4 thousand stories and just as many photos. Everything from the garbage in the street (No not Lindsay Lohan) to Britney Spears. We went through the death of Anna Nicole Smith to Boy George sweeping the streets. We have been threatened with lawsuits from irate celebrity lawyers which Page Six icon Richard Johnson told me is good, it means people are reading. We only printed 2 retractions in which I felt the celebrity made their point and was right. And I thank them for setting us right. We want to be right and in a way the celebrities who contacted us taught us to be more careful in what we report. I feel we are very celebrity friendly with 97% of the stories being very nice. We let you get a inside look, a positive look into the world of celebrity but if a star is wrong, we will tell you that too. I don't need a website to become famous or to hang out with famous people. I already have been photographing The Stars for almost 25 years. I know them all. I have been on TV and radio thousands of times. I have been profiled on everything from 60 Minutes to Extra. I started this website to say what I want and not have it edited and to talk to the world instantly which magazines or even TV shows can no longer do. I am suprised how fast we grew from our millions of readers to our top ranking on Google which everyone said I could not do. I thank the celebrities who send me their items. I thank the publicists who give me a heads up on what their client is up too. I thank the photographers who send me their great shots of the Stars at work and play. I thanks all my friends at the New York Post who cheer me up at Broadway Langans and famed reporter Steve Dunleavy who makes sure I get smashed as hell at Langans. I thank my favorite clients like Jerry Springer and the new Steve Wilkos show. Publicist Linda Shafran always makes sure my trip to Chicago is fun. I thank Sirius radio stars Derek and Romaine who always have me on even know we fight like cats and dogs. I thank Mancows Morning Madhouse for giving me air time whenever I'm in Chicago even know the last time he gave my mike to porn star Ron Jeremy while I smoked out on the fire escape. I thank Emmy winner Rita Cosby and Producer Tomaczek who always tell me how great our site is and who tell me I'm doing great even know I may be sad. They always cheer me up. They always make my day look bright. I thank the Bulldog from 'The Rude Awakening Show' who keeps putting me on the air across the world no matter how nutty I am a 940 in the morning. I thank Andrew Dallos from MSNBC (Send my car Andy ) and my friends from Fox News as well as Gypsy and Charlie Ruppman from the New York Daily News who still love me after 25 years when I first walked into the newsroom drunk at 2 am with a drag queen on my arm. I thank my family and friends (Ian Miller) for finally accepting me as the nut I am. Lets not forget Cable Icon Barry Z . And to my readers, I thank you so much for coming back to Times Square Gossip. When I look at the numbers and see how many of my readers keep coming back, it makes all the work worth while. I love the comments you leave and wish you would leave us more. I want to know what you want. You can E-Mail me at anytime at TheBestGossip@aol.com . I will answer, most of the time real quick. Please pass Times Square Gossip onto your friends, spread the word. We are not the Best Gossip site in the world, but we are the site who is in the Celebrity World. We want you to count on us for your GOSSIP ! (Read disclaimer)


Anonymous said…
Love you site James!

Keep up the good work.