Hard talking host Steve Wilkos

Jerry Springer's security director was filming a ride-along for his own forthcoming talk show when New Orleans police arrested a man whose face has been on Crimestoppers billboards since last year.According to a news release Saturday for "The Steve Wilkos Show," which starts Sept. 10, Wilkos interviewed 25-year-old Lilton Curtis after his arrest and was then asked, "Mr. Steve, will you walk me into the prison? I'm scared.""Steve was instrumental in finding and arresting" Curtis, Linda Shafran, spokeswoman both for Wilkos' show and for "The Jerry Springer Show," said in an e-mail.A Crimestoppers tip led to Curtis' arrest Friday night, said Sgt. Joe Narcisse, a police spokesman. He said Wilkos did ride with the department's Crime Abatment Team, but was more observer than participant. He could not confirm whether Wilkos walked Curtis to his booking. Curtis was wanted in Jefferson Parish in the Aug. 18, 2006, death of Keinon Smallwood and an armed robbery the previous month. In New Orleans he faces charges of attempted second degree murder and illegal use of a weapon.Wilkos was a Chicago police officer for 12 years,Shafran said."We certainly appreciate all of his support," Narcisse said.
Photo By: James Edstrom


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