Robbie Williams was a winner at bingo this week.The 33-year-old singer joined burlesque dancer Dita von Teese for a charity tournament of the popular number game hosted by 'Superbad' actress Erica Vittina Phillips at Hollywood's Hamburger Mary's bar and grill on Wednesday. Robbie was the first to shout 'Bingo' after all his numbers came in and his prize was a Diane Merrick leopard-print handbag.Proceeds from the evening went to a charity helping to fight breast cancer.Robbie has been indulging in innocent recreational activities of late, following his stint in rehab earlier this year, where he was treated for an addiction to prescription drugs.Last month, he posted a bizarre video on the Internet claiming he had found God.The footage showed a dishevelled Robbie declaring his love for the Christian faith by singing lyrics from a new song he had called 'Bodies'.The star - who was featured smoking a cigarette in a dark room - sung: "God came in the sunshine. He showed me a lifeline. What a day, Jesus really died for me. Yeah, Jesus really tried for me."