Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't worry about her looks fading with age because her husband "really loves old women".The 48-year-old sex symbol wore a bald cap and had gnarled prosthetics and liver spots applied to her face to play a witch in her latest movie 'Stardust'. But while Michelle was shocked by her haggard appearance, her 51-year-old husband, TV producer David E. Kelley, didn't mind her new look.Michelle said: "It freaked me out. But my husband actually really loves old women - imagine that?"He had the greatest relationship with his grandmother, so I feel very fortunate on that front. I'm not getting any pressure to look younger from him."The 'Hairspray' star admits there is a lot of pressure on Hollywood stars to stay looking young.She said: "It's affecting a lot of people these days. Even men are falling prey to it a lot more than they used to."But it's the worst on women. A lot of times women are put out to pasture right when they're hitting their stride."'Stardust' co-star Claire Danes agrees there is a lot of pressure in the film industry to stay looking young.The 28-year-old actress said: "I understand the anxiety of ageing."It seems like death is avoidable via Botox. And if youth means looking like Michelle Pfeiffer, who wouldn't want to hold onto that?"