Liza Minnelli threw a tantrum after being mistaken for her late mother, Judy Garland, in a New York store.The 'Cabaret' star was shopping in an East Manhattan branch of Gap when a young sales assistant mistook her for the deceased Hollywood legend. A fellow shopper told the New York Daily News newspaper: "The employee asked her, 'Has anyone ever said you look like Judy Garland?'"She coldly answered, 'No!'"The confused employee went on to say, 'Oh my God! You're her! You are Judy Garland!'"Ms. Minnelli looked up with fire in her eyes and snapped back, 'Judy Garland is dead!'"Then she grabbed the pants she had been trying on and stated to no one in particular, 'I've gotta get out of here!'"She hurried to the cash register and then out the door."The 61-year-old actress' mother - star of 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'A Star is Born' - died in 1969 aged 47.