Legend Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall has vowed to haunt her children if they ever allow a film of her life to be made.The 82-year-old Hollywood star, who has been making films since the 40s, is still working and would hate to have a posthumous biopic made about her. Bacall told Britain's Independent newspaper: "I've told my children I'll haunt them forever if they do that."The 'How to Marry a Millionaire' star also has no interest in receiving an honorary Oscar. She scoffed: "Lifetime achievement? How many lifetimes have you got?"The actress - who was previously married to actor Humphrey Bogart - also refuses to be labelled a legend. She said: "If I'm a legend, I'm dead. Do you want me to be dead? Legends are of the past."I have no respect for celebrities and I object to being called one, so don't try it! I'm an actress, not a celebrity."