New Jersey has provided some colorful musical acts over the years; BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN; SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY; FRANK SINATRA; JON BON JOVI; WHITNEY HOUSTON; and even, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ... and, the next looks to be singer/songwriter LARRY STEVENS. With his first CD just out THE HEART OF A FIGHTER, he is poised to become the next significant singer/songwriter to hail from that celebrated state. A music business insider told TIMES SQUARE GOSSIP, "The real reason Stevens stands apart is that he actually writes his own material ... None of that going to other songwriters and producers to secure material ... He is very much like a Springsteen in that he can generate his own songs."With the music business in seriously bad shape currently, sources say that Stevens, who tours regularly and has his own band, has developed a small but steady (and loyal) following over the years and could be a much-needed relief to the music-business model. One listen to THE HEART OF A FIGHTER confirms that Stevens is indeed the real deal ... with a much-needed stylistic return to singer-songwriter sensitivity and catchy, memorable music ... much like a JAMES BLUNT or ROB THOMAS. Adds the singer, "I've always admired the singer/songwriter ... ELVIS PRESLEY was such an icon to me, because he encompassed music and entertainment and brought it all together." He will be at Steve Walter's The Cutting Room next month.