Kanye West reportedly allegedly failed to pay for his lap dances at a London strip club. The rapper and a group of friends were enjoying a night out at the world famous Stringfellows, where the club's female dancers performed a number of raunchy routines for them. However, despite Kanye's superstar status and wealth, the girls claim he was less then generous when it came to rewarding them. One told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "You would have thought we would have had a great night but it was awful. They didn't even pay for all the dances."When we realised it was Kanye we thought it would be a big night for us and he'd spend loads of money. That happens when men come in big groups. I guess they get carried away."Earlier in the evening, Kanye and his 20-strong entourage had been in top London nightclub, Mahiki, where he partied wildly with sexy singer Rihanna.An onlooker said: "They were playing drinking games. It was so wild that glasses were smashed and drinks were spilled all over Kanye. But he wasn't bothered."He was diving on Rihanna and some friends and rolling about with laughter. And when Nelly's 'Hot In Here' came on he did a mini-strip, whipping off his cardigan to cheers from the entire table."