Paris Hilton is hoping to become a respected author.The hotel heiress - who published autobiographical work 'Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose' in 2004 - is planning a new book, but it won't be a follow-up to the memoir.Paris' literary agent Dan Strone said yesterday: "She is thinking of doing a new book. I don't believe at this time it's going to be a prison diary. I don't think that's the direction she's heading in."The 26-year-old - who recently spent 23 days behind bars for driving with a suspended licence - has already tried her hand at modelling, acting, singing and fashion designing.Paris recently revealed new plans to extend her brand by becoming a "real estate mogul". She said: "I definitely want to get more into real estate."Own my own hotels, restaurants, my own Paris stores. There's a lot more to do. I want to be a real estate mogul."


Mo said…
Sorry....Paris can't write. She can't really sing. She's good at providing stuff the world can do without.

Keep trying, Paris. You may one day contribute something positive to the Universe.