Ex-con Paris Hilton

Lily Allen thinks Paris Hilton is "hideous" and "amazing".The 'Smile' singer is both disgusted and impressed by the 26-year-old heiress - who recently spent 23 days in jail for driving with a suspended licence - at the same time.She told Britain's Star magazine: "Paris is hideous, but I think she's amazing at the same time. I love her."Lily also revealed she is a big fan of 'The Simple Life', the US TV show Paris stars in with her close friend Nicole Richie.The show sees the two friends take on a series of different jobs, including being farm hands, cleaners and fast food workers.Lily said: "I think 'The Simple Life' is genius. I can never figure out if Paris plays up for it or not."It seems Lily has had a change of heart regarding Paris.Last year, after Paris released her self-titled album, Lily fumed: "People like her are useless. She thinks she can milk the world for what she's worth. She's taking money off people that haven't got much. Why doesn't she do something worthwhile, like work for the UN? She's hideously untalented."