Toni Collette is pregnant.The 'Little Miss Sunshine' actress announced she is expecting her first child with her musician husband, Dave Galafassi, today. Toni, 34, said: "We're very happy. We are completely over the moon. It's strange really, the last three films I've done I have been pregnant in. I'm just, like, what is the universe trying to tell me? But I think everything happens when it's meant to."The 'In Her Shoes' star performed at Live Earth Sydney on Saturday with her rock band, Toni Collette and the Finish, in which Galafassi is the drummer.Toni was determined to play at the event - which was part of a series of worldwide concerts, organised by former US Vice-President Al Gore to raise awareness of global warming - because she is a keen environmentalist. She said: "It's not a time to be ignorant about what is happening to the planet."It can be a great pressure, but the more people know, the more they will hopefully feel they have a responsibility to the planet. Certainly Al Gore's film, 'An Inconvenient Truth', spoke to a lot of people and if the message can get out in any shape or form that's a good thing. Music can create unity."