Nothing could stop J.K.Rowling

HARRY POTTER author J.K ROWLING’s former English teacher has confessed he recognised her early writing talent - but tried to stop her obsession with fantasy. Steve Eddy taught Rowling at Wyedean Comprehensive in Monmouthshire, Wales. He claims he attempted to convince Rowling to write about more serious subjects fearing her stories were "too childish". Rowling has gone on to sell millions of books and amass a fortune of $1.15 billion (£576 million). Eddy says, "Joanne’s work always showed impressive imagination and in class she was always bright and enthusiastic, much in the way of Hermione in the Harry Potter books."But when it came to her stories they were always about elves or pixies or fairies. I was constantly telling her she was at an age where she should be writing about grittier more real-life things.I’m extremely glad she did not heed my advice. Teacher, it seems, does not always know best."