Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller has been nicknamed "C***-ya" by the director of her latest movie.The stunning actress says Steve Buscemi came up with the offensive name when he first met her. Sienna, who plays soap opera star Katya in 'Interview', said: "Steve is just so rude. I think it's amazing that he calls me 'C***-ya'. In America it's a very rude word. But in England it's used far too flippantly."Sienna is not the first celebrity to be called the foul-mouthed name.When Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman were filming 2004 movie 'Closer', they gave each other necklaces bearing the four-letter expletive. Director Mike Nichols revealed: "On the first day of shooting, after a couple of weeks of rehearsing, Natalie bought Julia a little silver necklace with a word spelled out in the middle. The word was 'C***'."Julia was enchanted and said it was the sweetest present she'd ever had."Then, on the last day of shooting, she gave Natalie a silver necklace that spelled out 'Li'l C***'. That's how free they are and what good friends they were."Meanwhile, Sienna hit her head on a kitchen counter while filming love scenes for 'Interview'.The 25-year-old admits she got carried away while doing the scenes with Buscemi - who starred in the movie as well as directing it. She said: "We were making out and I whacked my head really hard on the kitchen counter."