Shia LaBeouf watched his skin bubble as he was burned in a botched stunt in 'Transformers'.The actor - who is currently filming the new Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford - refused to do some of his stunts after he was burned during one action sequence. Shia, 21, said: "I do 95 per cent of stunts myself. The other five really was too much. If you can feel your skin bubble because of the heat, you have to draw the line."I saw my skin pulsate - like there were little worms beneath it."The young star admits he has been put to shame by 65-year-old Harrison, who still does all his own stunts. Shia revealed: "He's in incredibly good shape. He's tried on the original costume and it fits like a glove. And he's doing all his own stunts."The first time I met Harrison he lets you know exactly where he stands in this whole thing, just with a handshake - he's a guy's guy and has got a strong handshake."And when I saw him walk out of his trailer with the fedora on - Oh my god! It was overwhelming."