Ja Rule has been arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon.The rapper was taken into police custody on Sunday night after officers found a gun in the car he was travelling in. Ja Rule - real name Jeff Atkins - was being driven in a luxury Sedan vehicle in New York when the car was stopped for speeding. Police found a .40-caliber gun in the vehicle, and the 31-year-old rap star,the driver and another man were all arrested. A spokesman for the star has refused to comment. In 2005, Ja Rule was fined $1,200 after pleading guilty to assault.The hip-hop star became embroiled in a fight with a reveller in Toronto's LaRouge nightspot in June 2004, where he had been filming his role in crime thriller 'Assault on Precinct 13'. After pleading not guilty to a more serious assault charge, Ja Rule accepted he had delivered "one punch to the eye". He apologised to the Ontario city, saying: "I'm just sorry about my actions."His lawyer Steven Skurka said: "The judge found the conduct of the patrons at the club unacceptable and called it disgraceful."They had been taunting him earlier before the assault took place. It was one punch to the eye of the victim who he believed was insulting him."